Not Mayo!
So, I went to the demo on 'good holiday snack ideas'.  Well, no matter what, they all have calories.  Anyway, the guy asks, "Do you like sour cream or mayo in your onion dip?"  Scattered mumbled replies.  "Well, I'm going to use both!"  Shrugged shoulders.  He mixes in the onion soup mix, the sour cream and mayo.  As he adds the mayo he says, "Did you know that Lite Miracle Whip is just as good as the regular?"  Too late!  People, you either LOVE Miracle Whip or you HATE Miracle Whip with a purple passion.  That woke some people up!  He ruined the onion dip and he got told so by all the Purple Passion Miracle Whip Haters in no uncertain terms.  As I was leaving, later on, I said, "Never.  Ever.  Ever.  Call Miracle Whip, Mayo!  But thank you for coming and bringing the snacks and the recipes."  He said, "So, I learned.  And.  You're welcome."  I don't care if you're young or in your nineties, you never stop hating Miracle Whip!

Miss Josh Emmett
I finished putting away my Summer clothes and putting out my Winter clothes.  This has turned into a conundrum for me.  First, all the cool new shirts I got this year are dark.  And I enjoy wearing them and letting people read them.  So, basically, I sort through the winter shirts and put back the ones I’m tired of anyway.

However, the terms have change regarding the colours.  It seems we are now to wear dark in the summer and light in the winter.  It seems that the darker clothes prevent the UVA rays of the summer sun from getting to your skin.  Darker is extra protection.  And the lighter clothes let, what winter sun is reaching us, get to our bodies for extra warmth.

Have you checked all the great tee shirt sites lately?  TeeFury, Anglotees, Out of Print, etc.  Great shirts!  Dark shirts!  Some sites to offer some lighter colours, like grey or beige.  But the printed stuff you are getting the shirt for do not pop on the lighter colours.  Black or dark blue are the best backgrounds.

Now, I can see my changing over the light weight trousers for the cords, but that’s about it.  I am just going with the shirts I enjoy and the ones that match the cords for the winter.  Otherwise, I give up. 

I don’t believe there is such a thing as specific clothes for specific seasons unless you are a Dedicated Follower of Fashion.


  1. A Day at the Circus.  I’m not sure if that is the correct title.  It was a Little Golden Book.  I remember the entire story.  I ‘read’ it to my cousins.  My mother had me ‘read’ it to her the next day.  Although I was not diagnosed with dyslexia until I was my 40s, my mother knew I was actually reading and not just working from memory due to copious amounts of having my father read this book to me over and over, because I left out all the, what I call, non-picture words.  She made flash cards for: the, and, or, etc. and we worked on them until I could read every one.  The last day, she had me go through them again and when I got them all right, she threw them out, handed me the fairytale book and said, “Here.  Now, don’t ever ask me to read The Princess and the Pea to you again!”  I was three.

  2. A Child’s Garden of Verses and Princess and Pea (I know, short story, but it goes with this book in my mind).  These were the two books I loved the most reading as a toddler.  The Swing is still one of my favorite poems ever.

  3. Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass and The Secret Garden. Once I started reading, I quickly lost interest in picture books.  But until I was about 10, I was skinny enough to sit with my father in his chair and he read these books to me.  I remember this time so vividly.  One of the few good memories of my childhood.  (He, also, read the Sunday Funnies to me and did all the voices.)  Finally, my mother put a stop to all this ‘nonsense’ as she was sick of hearing it.  (I still have both books.)

  4. The Little Prince.  Although I was too young to really understand it, my meme sent it to me.  I loved the pictures.  Today they remind me of manga which I, also, love.  Meme was the only person in my family to ever give me a book.  My mother read her mother the riot act.  I never received a book as a gift from a family member again.  (I still have the book, but lost the dust jacket.  I developed the habit of taking off the dust jacket to read a book at a very early age.  To this day, probably 60 years later, I still am very careful to remember where the dust jacket is.  Lesson learned.)

  5. The Miracles on Maple Hill and The Art of Origami. These are the two books that stand out the most in my mind that I borrowed from the library.  I tried to get my neighbor to read the first one and she said she didn’t want to read about Catholic things.  I explained to her that it was just a wonderful story about two siblings learning to get maple syrup from trees, but she thought I was trying to trick her.  And the second, I read in the summer in high school and when asked to do a demonstration speech in Speech Class, I got it out again to check the folding, and got an A for my speech!

  6. Nancy Drew.  Yes, I discovered mysteries in the forth grade and read everyone of these books.  I had to buy them as they were not in the library. When I asked the librarian why not, she replied, “Because they are stupid, cheap little books that do not belong in any decent library.”  I was very hurt by that remark and still am!

  7. To Kill a Mockingbird and Lord of the Flies. Outside of school, these were my first books that were much older and heavy reading.  I loved both of them!  TKaM is still my all-time favorite book.  My mother was from the south and told me never to be bigoted against Negroes.  She was raised by them.  I loved the feeling of TKaM as it made me think and understand some of the southern mind.  As for, LotF, I empathized with Piggy.  I knew all these boys from school.  In my case, girls, but bullying is bullying no matter how you word it.

  8. Judy Blum and S.E. Hinton.  I never found these authors until I was in my 30s.  I bought all the paperbacks by them.  And I loved every one.  I am partial to Sooner or Later and The Waiting Games (the sequel to SoL) because of the SoL movie with Rex Smith.  I still watch it and own the CD.  But that’s cheating. 

  9. The Little House on the Prairie.  Yes, I owned the entire collection and still have some of them.  They were just a pure joy to read.

  10. The Unauthorized Biography of the Beatles, The Godfather and The Exorcist.  Even as an adult, living at home and working, my mother would go through my room and throw out any book she found except library books and she would hound me about the date to return them.  After my father was banned from reading to me, his only recourse was to read the Bible all the way through every year or so.  (She did not follow any religion, although she listed herself as a Baptist, but she couldn’t bring herself to ban the Bible.)  Every day, I got off the bus in downtown Detroit in front of a book store.  How cruel was that?  I would look in the window, longingly, and move on.  When mother died in November of 1967 and I went back to work after the funeral, I looked in the window of the book store and saw these three books on sale.  I marched right in and bought them.  I was not a fan of The Beatles and I had a basic idea of what the other two books were about, but they were on sale!  (And they were hardbacks.  I’m still partial to hardbacks and most of the books I currently own are hardbacks.  I can read a softcover without breaking the spine and I don’t know how I developed this habit.  And I don’t own a Kindle.)  When I got home, I forgot I had to get past my father in the living room.  He asked me what I bought.  I told him, “three books.”  He said, “Well put them on the coffee table.”  He read all three books! And I can say, that after reading The Exorcist, I discovered that I did not like horror novels!  Lesson learned.

  11. The Crooked Shamrock.  In my favorite bookstore on Woodward Ave, Paperbacks, Ltd., I found this book on sale.  I went to this store weekly as they had all the overseas magazines for British rock groups.  One day they had table piled with books for $1 each.  The title caught my eye (yes, I do judge a book by its cover) and I bought it.  To this day, it is still one of my all-time favorite books!  A funny story that stole my heart.  (I still have it.)

  12. Tolkien and Victoria Holt (under all her aka’s).  The Hobbit and the Trilogy and anything about knights and the kings of, well, anywhere, were fun books, but I never pushed beyond them, because the rest of the books in that genre were listed as science fiction and I had no interest.  I gave each of The Who one of the Tolkien books as a ‘welcome to the U.S.’ present.  My world was pushed beyond mysteries.

  13. Star Wars.  I preferred mysteries above all books and I hated Science Fiction as it was too technical for me.  I did love unicorns and dragons, but didn’t really understand there might be stories about them.  I, certainly, was not going to a science fiction movie, but I did because everyone else saw this movie.  I was excited by it!  My imagination ran rampant!  I immediately bought the book.  In the 70s, they were categorized as scifi.  Now, I think, most people would say fantasy.  But it lead me to a world of fantasy, that went beyond Tolkein.  And I have never looked back!

  14. Oliver Twist.  It took me three times, borrowing it from the library, to finish it.  But well worth it.  (And, I will add, Gone with the Wind for getting-through-a-long-book category.)  This book introduced to me Dickens and I have loved him ever since.  He can spin a story like no one else I have ever read.  I still prefer the books to any movie or mini-series, with the exception of the play Oliver! the Musical. 

  15. Shakespeare.  I have never understood why I took to Shakespeare, like a duck takes to water.  Never had a problem reading or understand his plays and sonnets.  (Sometimes I wonder if is because I grew up reading the King James Bible…like the game, Is It The Bible or Is It Shakespeare?  I think most people would say that Romeo and Juliet is their favorite (and    Franco Zeffirelli's movie version is still my all-time favorite movie), but I love The Merchant of Venice.  Again, perhaps because I could identify with the characters.  (I own the complete collection of Shakespeare.)

  16. In Cold Blood, Ghost Story and The Stand.  I mention these books because I hated them.  They were boring and insipid.  I realize I am being redundant here, but I can’t be too redundant enough.  I, also, realize I stand alone.  These were best-selling award winners.  I am only proud to say that I forged on and finished all three.  And if you wish, I will throw in The Scarlet Letter, Red Badge of Courage, Flanders Field and The Canterbury Tales.  These were all books I had to read at school.  I don’t like being told what I have to read.  Was there a forced book I really did like, yes, Moby Dick.

  17. Harry Potter and Maximum Ride.  Finally, I have returned to YA (Young Adult).  Having grown tired of explicit sex, gore and over usage of foul language (I do have an imagination and I like using it), I have turned to YA.  Currently, they are well-written books on every topic you might enjoy and HP and MR are two of my favorite series of books.

  18. The Bible – King James Version.  I received my Bible from Gayle Kasch on 25.July.1994.  I have read it all the way through 4 times.  I read it twice daily and attend a non-denominational Bible study. To me, it is The Word.  It is the book I try very hard to live my life by.  It is the Alpha and the Omega of my reading world.  I praise God for this gift and will try and make Him proud of me every day.

I still prefer mysteries and fantasies, but in my old age (ahem) I have developed a fondness for biographies.  Always hated them.  Perhaps because I could not relate and the people didn’t interest me anymore than History class in school.  However, now that I have brought up age, I can point out that people my age are, indeed, writing their bios.  Simply put, I can relate to them!  Did they see the world the way I did?  Do they remember the world the way I do?  And it is not often that one can read bios about people they actually knew!  Perhaps, that is the draw.  People you knew or wish you knew.

So, many other books I could list through 68, and counting, years.  Books I loved, books I hated; no I can’t say I’ve ever read a book a felt “eh” about.  To me, books are as black and white and the ink and paper they are printed on.  And I know, that even if I were struck blind, I would continue to listen to books on tape.  Or blind and deaf?  I would learn Braille.  Books and music are my life.  Always have been and always will be.

Wonder what the library in Heaven looks like?  Can’t wait to find out!


The following appeared in a review of Rod/The Autobiography on
by josh emmett
copyright 2014

I knew Rod Stewart back in the day and the poor old guy, one year older than me, is either suffering from memory loss or choosing to forget. I was not a groupie.  I worked for these bands.  I have the photos/negatives to prove it.
Let’s take the Shotgun Express, whom I watched from the side of the stage in England, 1967, as I was friend of Peter Bardens.  Rod’s current version is much less of a disaster than the true story but, suffice it to say, Peter and Rod ended up hating each other until the bitter end.

Jeff Beck was always nice to me and very gentlemanly.  We had lovely long talks in the dressing rooms, mostly about cars.  Two things from this period: Rod did not have a driving license (1. He told himself in 1968, 2. It made the papers and magazines when he got it during the summer of 1970) and the last concert was 26.July.1969 at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan.  They were supposed to play the 25th, as well, but Jeff cancelled, however he did play the next day.

His memories of Ron Wood during the Beck era are very faulty.  And, no, I haven’t read Ronnie’s autobiography, yet.  I was surprised that Rod never mentioned Ron’s slide guitar.  He profusely carried on about “my Ron being the world’s greatest slide guitar player.”  When The Faces played the Eastown Theatre in Detroit, Rod would proudly introduce Ron for his solo and then come down into the crowd to watch Ron from the front.  One night he took my camera and walked across taking photos of just Ron.  (Rod, also, gave my camera to another girl when he finished, but I promptly went and got it back.)  On the next trip, Rod demanded to see the photos of Ron.  Every one was blurred and Rod was very angry.

In all the parties, I worked for The Faces, there were no drugs of any kind, only alcohol.  The first night I was hired, my business partners and I went back to the hotel and there was a party with weed.  Rod and I did not smoke.  Ron did.  There was always alcohol, and for the parties we were in charge of, there was only Boone’s Farm Apple Wine with only one complaint from Ian McLagan, who wanted Courvoisier, but he didn’t get it.  Plus, we had to keep cartons of milk for Rod in the ice-filled bathtub, as he had an ulcer and need the milk to sooth his stomach after a night of drinking.  The rest of the band drank milk, too.  Plus a friend just put my over 500 negatives on a DVD and in the onstage photos, Mac was never wearing a flower, nor was their any cocaine use, period.  However, this may have started after they began playing the arenas and I was no longer working for them.  That would be 1975.  Rod makes it sound like this happened from the get-go.

I will make one comment here in defense of Rod:  The Faces were playing Cobo Hall in Detroit and they were billeted in the Pontchartrain Hotel across the street.  Looking out Rod’s window the huge marquee read, ROD STEWART AND THE FACES.  Rod demanded that it be taken down.  Cobo Hall said that it was too much work, the concert was only a few hours away, and it was staying.  Rod was stuck looking at it.  At another venue in Lansing, Michigan, Rod (and later the rest of the band) was so nice to the university kids working at the Holiday Inn that they ran out and put, WELCOME FROM ENGLAND THE FACES on their sign.  (A side note: Jefferson Airplane were headlining the festival and when Grace Slick threw a temper tantrum and said they should be on the sign and the kids refused, they left…completely…making The Faces the headlining act!)

During the Jeff Beck Group days, they were driving themselves across country and to gigs in the U.S., at least. In The Faces, Rod had a room to himself at all times and, even when there was a limo, he would put the groupie-for-the-night in the back, close the door, and march over to us for his ride.  Even to the airport, we got stuck with the world’s worst backseat driver (although he sat in the front) and was constantly worried about the speed we were driving.  He liked it slow and timed the lights and was on constant lookout for any hazards, especially the possibility of children running into the street.  His love of flash cars was never mentioned, although it is possible he was driving in England.  Jeff said he, himself, often used his middle name, which was his father’s name, when getting tickets, so he would only have half as many speeding tickets…poor Mr. Arnold Beck!  And you did NOT want to see Ron Wood’s driving, although Rod felt fine letting him drive.
The only Rod woman I met, besides the groupies, was Britt Ekland.  She told me Rod was sleeping and couldn’t see anyone.  I had things to give him and a paper to sign.  I went back later and she told me the same.  When she left, Ron Wood was the happiest camper in the world and hugged Rod to bits, and Rod yelled at me for not bringing the stuff earlier and defended Britt, saying she wouldn’t have done that.  It happens with bands, you deal with it.

Rod was very tight with money.  He would have me run down to the store for various toiletries and tell me to get a receipt.  If the total was $19.99, he would go to Billy Gaff or one of the lads and borrow the money to the penny.  Never a twenty and keep the change.  (Britt did write of the same thing happening to her in True Britt, how Rod didn’t carry a wallet and she had to pay for everything when they were out, however, he always paid her back, to the penny.)

The band did, indeed, get paid cash for all the gigs in the early days.  Reason?  Checks bounced!  Get your money after the ticket sales!  Gaff would have to put the money in the hotel/motel safe until the next day when he could get to the bank.
Oh, and in Detroit, my business partners and I invented the ledge walk to scare the daylights out of Ron Wood.  It worked!  Rod nicked to it and told us to stop it!  And, in those days, Peter Buckland was great fun, but not insane.  Plus cake icing, when artfully added with a plastic knife, greatly enhances flowers on paintings…  And, although I saw many a little man peeking over and out of things in a Kilroy Was Here manner, I never saw a penis, so this must also have started during the arena tours in 1975. 

After early 1975, I lost permanent touch with Rod, so the rest of the book proved interesting, but taken with a grain of salt by me.  I will say that Rod’s rules of raising children did, indeed, reflect his life of the road.  Many a time I had to use the combo of first and middle name to get a naughty person’s attention and adapt the art of smacking the back of hands to stop them from, as an example, throwing rolls at each other in restaurants.  The ‘mom’ approach worked with all the bands as, on the road, they are a bunch of little boys.  So, if you find Rod’s rules a bit appalling (the bucket can also fall with the water and do a head injury), it was just that Rod was never a man, he will always be a boy.


Whoa!  I really enjoyed The Quest!  It was put together by people who worked on, among other movies, The Lord of the Rings.
They came up with a full storyline and hired real actors with good credits.  They had stunt people who took dangerous falls.  They built a whole castle and fantasy sets with great scenery.  The filming was done by professionals.  And the added CGI make it seem like any other fantasy TV show.
The twist?  It was a RPG game show.  Non-professionals from every walk of life got to compete to be the ‘One True Hero’. 
Due to not having cable and relying on an aerial, I can never trust that I will get a station from day to day, depending on the weather.  I missed the first episode as ABC was not coming in. However, I did get to see all the rest.  Occasionally, I had to sit in an awkward position in my one room apartment to get the TV to pick up, but I made it.  Tonight it came in perfectly.  I got to see the finale.
The show climaxed with the rest of the contestants coming back to help the winner vanquish the villain.  They had been training with the stunt people and there was a great sword fight, like you see in a real movie, instead of just waiting things out in a hotel or at home. 
And after all was said and done and they headed off to their real homes and the credits had run, it had a surprise ending that set up the show for another round if it is picked up.  The reviewers in the papers and magazines have been asking people to watch this program, but the numbers were down.  “It was a summer throwaway,” remarked one critic, “and that is too bad.”
A lot of work and effort went into making this a great game show.  Even the contestants cooperated in not using foul language.  There was no nudity or partial nudity and there was no gore.  Of course it was a loser.  People would much rather watch shows like ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘The Walking Dead’.  Too bad.  The whole family could watch this show and enjoy it.  Not what we are looking for these days.
But I’m glad I made the effort to watch something that truly deserved to be watched and renewed and aspired to. 
HUZZAH for The Quest!

josh 43
Miss Josh Emmett, Breast Cancer survivor


My parents, Earl and Lillian Lee (Gypsy) were born in 1904.  They married in 1931.  Almost a year to the date later in 1932, they had a girl born on Feb. 22.  (This used to be George Washington’s birthday.  When she was born, the doctor came into the waiting room and my father was excited to find out what the baby was.  Doc Cotton said, “Well, you caun’t call it George!”

For a boy, my father wanted Michael (to be called Mike) as it was his own Baptismal name.  For a girl, Ann.  Ann Sheridan, Warner Bros. “It Girl’, was his favourite actress.  My mother came up with Barbara Joan.  My father had no idea where those names came from.

Two years later, still no baby.  My mother’s sister, Rena, had her second baby.  The first was a boy, Patrick, and the second was a girl.  She asked father if she could use Ann.  By this time, my parents had pretty well decided they were not going to have more children, which was, basically, fine with them.  So, my father gladly told Rena to use Ann.  (Guess who his favourite niece was….)

Move forward 12 years to 1945 and SURPRIZE!  Doctor says they were expecting a menopause baby.  When they were 42 in 1946, I came along.  Again a girl, but not so grand an entrance, so Doc Cotton just told father, “another girl.”  Ann was used!  Mother picked out the middle name of Lynn and, no, he didn’t know where that came from either.  He was scrabbling around through movies and realized he liked Kings Row.  It was movie made from a famous novel of the same name by Henry Bellamann, and Ronald Regan was in it with Ann Seridan.  In the book, on the movie poster and in the credits, there was only one name and it was spelled Randy.  Well, isn’t that cute?  So, Randy Lynn it was.  The baptism was not a treat.  Total refusal on the Monsignor’s part.  So he named me Frances.  Later I adopted the name Mary for my confirmation.  I have two legal documents, Randy Lynn and Frances Mary.  (A year later and I could have Nora for the movie Nora Prentiss.)

Later in life, the boy across the street, Ernest Clyde JayTee Morgan (we called him Butch) started calling me Randall as a nickname.  (Over the years, many people have asked if Randy is short for something…no.)  When Steve McQueen starred in the TV series Wanted Dead or Alive, he played Josh Randall.  So, picture the next day when Butchie and I came out to play…  However, it stuck.

Now, jump all the way to 1967.  I am living in London, England.  An elderly couple owned and ran the B&B, Sherry Stevens and I were sharing a room at.  The man came and yelled for me up the stairs, so I went down to find out ‘what I had done now’!  Anyway, he asked me about the name my friend called me.  Josh.  He said, “Well, my wife wanted me to tell you, because she’s too embarrassed, that unless it is absolutely necessary, you should not tell people your name is Randy.  It is a bad word here.  It has to do with (whispering) sex!”  Lovely, I had been walking around telling people I was randy: adj 1. coarse; crude; vulgar 2. sexually aroused; amourous, lustful – n a vulgar, quarrelsome woman; shrew!  Good old Bellamann had used the name Randy in the book as double-entre!  Americans didn’t know that…  Well, now I do!

Later that year, I was home and The Who’s publicist, sent me a post card asking me to meet the band at the airport and make sure they got off to Ann Arbor for the concert.  After that, I found myself working for them and other British bands.  Seriously?  Tell a bunch of randy English men my name is Randy?  Sooooooo not happening!

In the 1980s, the Yuppies suddenly decided that ‘ys’ are male only and females can use ‘i’, ‘ie’, ‘ee’…  Really?  I’m not changing all my legal papers for a bunch of Yuppees!  If I did, I would change it to Josh Lynn and they would still be confused!

In 1995, I walked back to God and renewed my faith.

2003, I was planning on moving to Clawson Manor (after being homeless for 8 months) and I thought, Josh is a Christian name and I’m now back in the Fold.  And if people like me, fine, if not, fine, I’m not going back to making myself a toady just to get people to like me.  And my Christian name is Josh, so that is what it is.  And that is what I will tell everyoneI don’t lie.  If people ask me if that is my real name, I say, “It is my Christian name.”  That’s all people need to know.

And that is story of how I became Miss Randy Lynn Frances Mary Josh Emmett.

Health Catch Up!

To catch up since the last posting:

The day after I got home from the hospital, a lady called me in the morning.  The phone wasn’t on because I was sleeping, as usual.  She tried two times.  Then she called Doctor Sturla’s office.  Debbie called me after 12:30p and said that the hospital was trying to get in touch with me.  I decided to eat breakfast first, but I noticed a voicemail on the little cell phone I get free from the gov’t.  It was the lady from St. Mary Mercy, thinking it was Lyle’s number, and trying to get hold of him to come and check on me!  Before I could do anything, the phone rang and it was her.  She scolded me for not answering the phone and demanded to talk to my nurse!  It turns out that St. Mary Mercy calls all seniors the day after their release and she assumed that I had fallen or worse and had an in-home nurse staying with me!  It is now supposed to be in my file that I am to be called afternoons starting at 1p!

Again a mix-up on Monday.  I was supposed to have the endoscopy and the colonoscopy on the same day.  No prep kit had arrived.  I called the pharmacy and Sonny said he hadn’t heard anything but asked for the doctor’s phone number.  After several calls, it turns out that Doctor Asbahi had me down for just an endoscopy.  So, no prep.  Debbie was furious again…

He said my stomach was ‘normal’ and I had the right amount of germs in my stomach.  (We need germs to digest the food we put there.)  Where the esophagus makes a sharp right turn, before entering the stomach, he found a slight narrowing and a small hernia.  No surgery for the hernia.  (I have figured out what I was lifting that caused the hernia and will not be doing that again.)  No blood leak there.

I got my will written and witnessed.  Then I got my DNR filled out and witnessed and Dolores agreed to be my proxy on the DNR, so I got that filled out and witnessed.  I mailed copies to Doctor Sturla.  And I gave copies to St. Mary Mercy hospital.  Plus, I have the wallet cards filled out and in my purse.  I tacked the will (instructions) to the wall for ‘Services Coordinator’.  I feel much better now.

They put off the colonoscopy until July.  Then another argument ensued.  St. Mary Mercy was not sure I would have the colonoscopy on Monday.  Doctor Asbahi’s office said I would.  I received a recorded message from St. Mary Mercy that the test was Monday but the time had been changed from 10:30a to 11:15a. I called Doctor Asbahi’s office and the nurse sighed and said, “We know.  But it’s still Monday!”  I guess that was a little give-and-take on both parts. 

I had to take the prep at different times than everyone else says they’ve taken theirs.  I started at 5p.  I am not used to large amounts of liquid.  I have everything measured out as I’m allergic to water.  But I had to swallow the 16 oz of prep with water right down.  Then 32 more ounces in 2 hours.  The instructions say one hour but Doctor Asbahi’s office said 1-2.  I was doing well for about the first hour.  Then I got really dizzy.  I did start going to the toilet, but I was more nauseous than bloated.  I got chills, mainly in the upper arms, and my heart started pounding.  Finally, toward the end the second hour, I threw up.  That helped.  My dizziness and chills disappeared, but my heart kept pounding.  I went back to drinking my Cherry Coca Cola, which calmed my stomach.  And I managed to eat almost an entire box of Melon Fusion Jell-o.  It was the only food on the list.  I called Doctor Sturla and left a voice message as to what was happening.

I had to stop eating (?) and drinking at Midnight.  I took the second dose at 3:30a.  I did get the first 16 oz. of prep and water down.  I was nauseous immediately, but I started to drink the rest of water.  This didn’t last at all.  Within a half hour I had thrown it up.  My heart was pounding so hard that, on occasion, I couldn’t catch my breath.  I was tempted to call 911!  But I did get in an hour’s sleep.

My blood pressure was through the roof at the hospital, but it didn’t bother me, I just wanted my heart to stop pounding.  After the procedure, I waited and waited.  Finally a nurse came up and said it would be awhile as Doctor Asbahi had gone straight into another procedure and would be doing that all day.  She said that all they found was diverticulitis, which I knew about, and everything was fine.  She sent me home!  It took a couple days for my heart to calm down to a normal resting beat, but I had urine problems for several days until that calmed down as well.

Debbie wanted to me “drop by the office” when I am “out in the area” for a blood test to see if there is still a leak.  Really?  When am I ever out in that area?  I told her I could be there the end of August when Rose gets back from her vacation.  Debbie got her nose all out of joint.  She said I needed to come in the next week (this week)!  I don’t have the money!  Then I found out there is a place next door to us that does this kind of work, but Doctor Sturla and Debbie will have none of it.  I guess they want the money.  So, when Rose gets back from her vacation I will go out there and if something is wrong, they can wait until September, because I will have to get my next check.  It could have all been done by this time, by just walking two blocks, but no…  So, if something goes wrong, it is not my fault!

God bless everyone for their prayers and well-wishes!  Thank you

Wrong Thursday....

Well, it is after 6p and the pharmacy is closed. So, apparently, the Thursday in question is MAY 15TH!

I called the doctor’s office and the receptionist put me through to the doctor who said, “Is this Miss Emmett?” I said, “Yes.” “Please hold” (How much you wanna bet he charges the insurance company for that?) Anyway, his NURSE…and I emphasize that as Debbie is an office manager who hates me…, Susie, says, “Hi, Miss Emmett. We have you scheduled for May 15th, that is a Thursday.” “I thought it was this Thursday.” “Oh, no, there aren’t any openings until May, but we will have you in and out and you will be enjoying your birthday on the 18th. Now, we will send you a Prep package in the mail and it will tell you everything you have to do the day before. And there will be a consent form for you to sign and mail back.” I said “fine” and then added, “I caun’t do an enema.” Susie said, “Oh, my, we don’t do that! Not really good for you. It is just something for you to drink and keep a liquid diet. We realize there is a leak, but it is very slow and you should be fine until then. If it isn’t in these two places, then someone else will have to start searching. But we are hopeful we will find it and fix it.”

I called Debbie. She was furious! She said she would talk to the doctor and make SURE it was THIS Thursday. I waited about an hour and then thought about the fact that I am almost all out of food (went to the store last month) and money to pay for it (more money for my driver). So, I called Debbie and said I wanted the May 15th one. She was unhappy but said, “If that is what you want, but I still think it is wrong. I will still talk to the doctor about it and if I call back, you will be going on this Thursday.” I said, “Okay.”
Well, too late now, Debbie! So, I have made out my grocery list and am going to the store tomorrow morning on the Senior bus, if all goes well.

To the Hospital

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and well-wishes…

Well, Rose, Dolores and I went to St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital in Livonia.  We waited forever in the room and talked and watched the news.  Finally, after doing their own tests, they decided to keep me.

I took along two books, puzzles, pencils, two hand held games, my Bible and a pair of pjs.  (What hospital is going to give up an chance of keeping you?)

I had missed dinner, but was told I was on a liquid diet and they brought me chicken broth and water.  The broth was horrid.

They put two bags of blood in me.  I had to have the pressure things for your legs to prevent blood clots.  They really really hurt.  And my right leg got RLS and the left one was cramping.  The nurse finally took them off and I used the bathroom, walked and then sat on the side of the bed, swinging my leg, and played one full game on my hand held (that is what I do at home).  When he put them back on, he said that unless I really needed the bathroom, he couldn’t take them off again.  A few minutes later, the left leg got RLS and I had to endure it, getting no sleep.  Plus I have blood spots and bruises all over my left arm.

This morning, the day nurse said I had to stay in bed and keep the pressure on.  The nurse’s aide said I didn’t and I could get out of bed and even put on the bottom part of my pjs. 

They have new food services in practice there.  The kitchen is open from 6:30a to 6:30p.  You are given a menu and a number and you eat what you want when you want, and it is included on your insurance like regular meals.  When I called, I discovered that I was on ‘full’ liquid diet, which meant pulverized chicken noodle soup (delicious), gelatin, pudding, pop (soda), yogurt, etc.  I ate pretty well…

Then, the doctor didn’t come…and didn’t come…and didn’t come.  Finally, he showed up and said that I would have the tests on Monday, maybe I should go home.  My doctor showed up and said, “I thought the tests would be done today.  Also, I don’t think your insurance will cover two days of nothing.”  And then he prescribed some new medicine, including iron tablets.  He told me that I can have those oral and rectal tests when he decided, next week or the next, when he thought I was really ready and sent me home. 

I called Dolores and told her and she said she would call Rose to see if she could pick me up.  But my doctor came back and said they were going to pay for a taxi to bring me all the way home!  We were all happy and I am now home and had lovely fish and chips for dinner.

When I first got home, I just took off my coat and took my usual 1/8th mile walk.  No heavy legs and arms.  No pains in the back or chest.  No heavy breathing.  Well, now I know for sure that was the problem.  But what caused it?  So, they are going to start looking through my body for a leak. 

But I will get some sleep tonight and feel even better tomorrow.


Cuz I'm Olde

Okay, I'm back from the doctor.
I'm olde.
He said that it ususally takes a couple of days to stop feeling drained even from a 24 hour virus, which apparently I had. 
Then, I have to add that I have COPD and chronic broncitis.
THEN, I have to add the anxiety/depression, which also affects breathing and blood pressure.
So, for me, it takes at least a week to recover from a virus and I should be feeling better faster now that I'm not afraid that I'm going to end up in hospital!
And as stupid as this sounds...I did walk better tonight!  Still breathing hard, but not huffing and puffing and I didn't have to sit down during the middle of the walk.
However, he pointed out that he got me the Rollator for SITTING!  I'm still walking well, but if I need to sit...SIT!
Thank you for your prayers and well wishes...they worked once again!  Thank you God, Praise Jesus!

Ah, but today does not end with the return from the doctor.  For those of you in the Metro Detroit area....yes, that was us!
At 8a, we had a very strong gust of wind (also classified as a mini tornado), that ripped the roof off one of the carports and spliced two electric wires!  So, it took out us and 500 houses!  We did get it back around 8:30p, so here I am.
I lost 4 pounds and I wasn't even dieting!  I'm just eating sensibly, so I called in a dinner order to Jet's Pizza, but I was a good girl and got a grilled chicken sandwich and a small garden salad.  Plus a cold cherry coke, cuz I need the coke! 
The doctor was proud of my new eating habits!

I was trying to plug in my old AT&T landline, so I would have a phone.  I got the other phone unplugged and now I caun't find the plug!  So, I went without a phone today and I'll go without a phone tonight, and I'll take the plunge and crawl around on the floor tomorrow and get plugged back in.  I need the sleep anyway.
I did get the a/c uncovered and needed it last night, as the low was 65 F.  It was about 75 F when we left for the doctor and I needed my winter coat 2 hours later!  It is in the 30s now and raining.  It might turn to snow, so we might beat the record, yet.
So, I had all the towels and washcloths that were packed around the a/c and I put my laundry in anyway, even though it is late.  Monday is my wash day anyway.

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