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My Mother's Favorite Joke

In the 1950s, a long-haul trucker was driving down the road with a full load of brand new cars. He had told his wife he would be home that night. The journey was boring as it was autumn in the south and the harvest had left nothing but flat, stubbly fields as far as the eye could see and there was very little to no traffic.

As dusk approached, the trucker flipped on his lights. Nothing happened. He was disappointed, as he would have to sleep that night in a motel instead of his bed at home. He spotted a phone booth and pulled onto the shoulder of the road. As he spoke to his wife about not being with the family, he looked at the truck. Then he said, “Wait! I have an idea! Hang on!”

The driver noticed that the car on the top row was over the cab and angled slightly downward. He climbed up and reached into the car, turning on the lights. Sure enough, the lights hit the road in front of the cab. He ran back to the phone and told wife he would be home after all.

The two-lane blacktop didn’t seem as lonely as he drove home. About an hour later in full darkness, he spotted headlights coming from the other direction. Suddenly, the car veered off the road and out into the harvested field. The trucker pulled onto the shoulder of the road and ran across to the car.

“What happened? Are you all right?” asked the trucker.

The man looked up and said, in a slow drawl, “Ye-ah. It’s just that I figured, if you was half as wide as you was tall, I needed to get ALL the way off the road!”

Miss Josh Emmett
Published in the Senior Living – Oakland, August 2013


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