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The Life and Death of the Blue Balloon
The Life and Death of the Blue Balloon
miss josh emmett
Copyright 2015

The Blue Balloon started his life as a decoration for Sue’s surprise 50th birthday party.  (Pictured here with Sue (as herself), Dan (as her father), Josh (as the owner) and himself (on the top).

sue and door 054

The Blue Balloon traveled home to Josh’s apartment in a car and settled into a nice cozy ceiling with many little friends to play with.  The Blue Balloon was happy.

sue and door 057

Two weeks later, the Blue Balloon discovered he was not feeling well.  He dropped from his cozy ceiling and started drifting across the room looking for help.  It was late at night when he found himself a neat little hole and started lowering himself into it in despair.

balloon 001

Josh found him there and thought, perhaps, the light of day would help.  But the Blue Balloon felt none the better and tried to get back to his dark hole.  Alas, he could not lift himself high enough to get over the night stand blocking way.

balloon 002

The Blue Balloon could see no other way to end his sorrow and pain; so, to paraphrase Shakespeare in his play Romeo and Juliet:  “Alas, safety pin has been his untimely death, I see!”

balloon 004

We will all miss the Blue Balloon, but while his life was that a brief candle, he lit our lives with his bright colour and bouncy lightheartedness.  God bless you Blue Balloon!


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